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Multicore Association pushing for standards to ease programming


by Agam Shah
The Multicore Association is establishing specifications for a programming model that will reduce the complexity involved in writing software for multicore chips used in smartphones, tablets, and other embedded systems.
The association is putting together a cohesive set of foundation APIs (application programming interfaces) to standardize communication, resource sharing, and virtualization spanning cores on [...]

Multicore Association release an updated MCAPI


The Multicore Association has released version 2.0 of its multicore communications application programming interface (MCAPI) specification. The spec, available from its Web site, defines new features, such as domains for routing purposes.
“Our original MCAPI specification has seen enthusiastic uptake with more than 1,000 downloads,” said Markus Levy, president of the Multicore Association. “Extensive member feedback, [...]

Multicore Association Delivers Specification to Support Resource Management


The Multicore Association™, a global non-profit organization focused on developing standards that help speed time to market for products that involve multicore implementations, has announced the availability of its Multicore Resource Management API specification (MRAPI). The MRAPI is an industry-standard API that specifies essential application-level resource management capabilities needed to coordinate concurrent access to multicore [...]

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